How do I add accounts to my institution as an admin for the Instruction solution?

These instructions are for the Instruction solution. You can find instructions on how to manage accounts for Curriculum in this support article. For the Assessment Solution, account creation is done through CSV uploads.

If your Chalk account has an Admin role, you can invite teachers and add new accounts to your school or institution. You can only add accounts up to the user limit according to your current subscription. The following article will show you how to add new accounts from your Admin panel with the proper account permissions.

If you receive any error messages or encounter issues when adding accounts, please reach out to us at

Note: You cannot use this feature to bulk remove accounts or permissions. Bulk changes to accounts are additive-only.

How to add users

Step 1:

Click the Admin button in the top header menu.

Step 2:

You will automatically be taken to the Users tab. Click the Bulk Add Users button in the top-right corner.

Note: If your institution uses Schools or Groups, you can navigate to the School or Group you would like to add users to and use the Bulk Add Users button you see to add the users directly there.

Step 3:

You will see a window that looks like this:

In the box on the left, enter the emails of the accounts you would like to add, with each email on a separate line. For example:

Step 4:

Next, select the permissions you would like to assign to all of the accounts being added. You may not see all of the options listed below, depending on your subscription. If you are adding users to a School or Group, you will see options for adding permissions for the specific School or Group as well.

For more information about the available permissions, see the "What are the different account permissions?" section below.

Note: If you need to add accounts with different permissions, you will need to do so in separate actions. For example, if you need to add some accounts with Admin access and some without, add all the Admin accounts at once and then click the Bulk Add Users button again to add the remaining accounts.

Step 5:

When you've entered all the account emails and permissions you'd like to add for this instance, click the Add Users button in the bottom-right corner of the window.

Step 6:

If your institution is subscribed to both the Curriculum and Instruction solutions, you will see an additional step prompting you to choose between two options:

If you intend your teachers to focus on curriculum development, click the option on the left. This will allow teachers to access the curriculum immediately after logging into their accounts.

If you intend for your teachers to begin with daily lesson planning, click the option on the right. Upon logging into their accounts, teachers will be taken through the planner setup process to create and schedule their classes for lesson planning.

Step 7:

The accounts have been added to your institution, and the teachers will receive invitation emails within the next hour with instructions on how to access their accounts.

What are the different account permissions?

Assigning permission levels within a school or district can ensure that users have access to the appropriate features for their roles. As an Admin, you can assign roles when bulk adding accounts or by managing permissions through your Admin Users panel.

Please note that you may not see all of the available permission options, depending on your subscription.

  • Admin: This permission will enable the Admin app for these accounts, allowing users to see and access Admin from both the Dashboard and the main navigation menu for the entire institution. A user with the Admin role can add and remove accounts for the institution, manage permissions for existing accounts, manage off-days and create lesson templates for the institution.
  • Lesson Feedback: This permission is available for the Instruction solution, and will allow admins to leave feedback, monitor lesson activity and view teacher accounts.

The following permissions are part of the Curriculum solution, and you only need to apply one appropriate permission for each account. For example, a Publisher can do all the actions that a Creator and Viewer can do, so you can select just the Publisher permission rather than selecting all three.

  • Curriculum Publisher: This permission gives the ability to edit map content, create new maps/drafts and has the ability to publish, archive, and restore archived maps. This role is recommended for administrators or subject area experts involved in the review and publishing process.
  • Curriculum Creator: This permission has the ability to edit map content, create new maps/drafts, but does not have the ability to publish, archive or restore archived maps. This role is recommended for subject area experts and teachers actively involved in the curriculum development process.
  • Curriculum Viewer: This permission can only view content in published curriculum maps. It does not allow for users to create/edit maps or enter drafts. This role is recommended for teachers who are not actively involved in the curriculum development process but will access and utilize the curriculum content.

If your institution uses Schools or Groups, you may see an option to add permissions specific to that School or Group, as shown below:

A user with Admin or Insight for a School or Group will only have those permissions within that particular School or Group, and will not be able to manage or view accounts for the entire institution.

If you have any questions regarding permissions or how to set up your necessary accounts, please reach out to us by emailing