An Overview of Chalk's Free Apps and Paid Solutions

Chalk offers a number of solutions and free apps to support the education system and teachers specifically. Our Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment solutions are designed and developed with schools, districts and larger education networks in mind to help address challenges like equity, on-boarding, professional development and standards based-alignment, among others. Our free apps, supporting, both web and mobile access, automate and streamline various tasks performed by our teachers such as planning, marking, attendance, and capturing observations, so that they can spend more time directly with their students.

Both the free apps and the paid solutions are built on the same platform and data store so there is no loss of data when moving from one to the other.

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For more information about our offerings for individual teachers or small teaching teams, read our Chalk Gold Guide.

Some examples of what capabilities the solutions offer:


  • Long term planning by unit
  • Unified resources with easy access from a planning environment
  • Enable Gap Analysis by reviewing standards coverage


  • Streamline lesson monitoring and review process
  • Provide contextual feedback that can be actioned immediately
  • Support Professional Learning Communities
  • Share resources with peers or with yourself to leverage in the future


  • Easy to use gradebook pre-populated with classes and students
  • Attendance automatically aggregated for school use
  • Standards based grading ensuring alignment with curriculum and learning objectives
  • Online Student and Guardian access to ePortfolio for real-time updates of grades and lesson plans
  • Analyze student performance with flexible reporting options
  • Threaded conversations with parents/guardians and/or students


 Analytics is part of every solution we offer and provides unique value and insights to our customers. 

  • Decision support via curriculum usage and  lesson coverage data
  • Student and grade population trends
  • Enrichment and at-risk early identification support

Some examples of what additional capabilities you get in the free apps by pairing with a solution:


  • Pull content directly from your defined curriculum to expedite lesson planning and monitor pacing (requires the Curriculum solution)
  • Submit and solicit feedback from your Admin on individual lesson plans (requires the Instruction solution)
  • Share lessons and lesson groups within multiple Collaborate groups (requires the Instruction solution)
  • Share lesson plans with students and/or parents/guardians (requires the Assessment solution)


All of the following requires the Assessment solution:

  • Perform standards based grading
  • Define grading and marking periods to subdivide your school year
  • Provide access to student records and timelines through parent/guardian and student portal
  • Archive class, student or subject data


  • All current Attendance capabilities are free