Assessment Admin Settings Overview

This is part of our Assessment Solution. You will not have this option if you are a free user.

This article is an overview of the Assessment Admin features and what settings you can expect to be enabled for the Assessment Solution. Depending on your admin level, there are two ways to find your Settings.

Option 1: Settings on the Admin Navigation Menu

The first is on the left-hand menu. This is for Institutions with multiple schools (commonly larger districts). 

Option 2: Selecting Schools in the Admin Navigation Menu

This is what you will see if you're in a single school using Chalk. 

You will see Grading Scales, Marking Cycles, Reporting Options, and Conversations (if your institution has it enabled) which we will review quickly here, but go into greater detail in regards to when setting up your school year below.

1) Grading Scales: From your admin settings, you can set the scale for all teachers in your institution. There are two default scales: level and letter. If you would prefer to create a custom scale, click the Create New From Template button. To learn more about customizing your school's grading scale, click here.

2) Marking Cycles: This is where you will set up your school year, and terms, for all the teachers in your institution. This is addressed in Chapter 2: Setting up your School Year.

3) Reporting Options: Reporting Options is an optional step, when reports are needed across multiple terms. This function is mainly used to support students who have classes that are in different terms. This is addressed in Chapter 2: Setting up your School Year.

4) Conversations: Control if students and guardians can create and send posts and comments that teachers directly through Chalk. These controls are an “all or nothing”. This tab will not appear if your school does not have conversations turned on. This is addressed in Chapter 4: Student & Guardian Access, but can be skipped if it is not included in your Assessment Solution.