How do I attach lesson plans to an assessment?

Linking lessons from your lesson planner to assessments in the gradebook can help you track the lesson content that you've been teaching that relates to the assessment! This article is a quick guide on how to do so. 

Note: If you are part of a school subscribed to the Chalk Assessment solution, lesson plans linked to online assessments can be made accessible for students.

Step 1:

Edit an existing assessment.

Step 2:

Select the Lessons tab of the window that appears and click on Link Lesson Plans.

Step 3:

From the window that appears, click on Link for any lesson plans that you would like linked to this assessment. You can filter through assessments by the unit and search by the title of the lesson plan.

Step 4:

Once you select the appropriate lesson plans, they will show up as attachments on the assessment.

Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available on mobile. 

Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available on mobile.