How do I update my browser?

First off, don't worry! Your account content is still safe!

You may either be seeing a blank page, or we've redirected you to this article. This often happens when a user is trying to open Chalk on an outdated browser. Our Product team always works to deliver a rich user experience when it comes to updates and features. In order to do this we require the most recent Chrome and Safari updates, as this allows us to meet all of our user requests and needs to make your job easier!

In order to fix this, all you need to do is update your Chrome browser. Here is an article by Google on how to do so

If you're using Safari, here is Apple Support's how-to support article

Unfortunately, we do not support Internet Explorer. Please use an alternative browser for accessing Chalk.

Once you are all up to date, you can restart your browser and everything should be good to go.

Happy Planning! :)