How do I create a Student CSV?

This is for the Assessment Solution. You will not have this option if you are a free user.

Note: You will need to include the word Students in the name of the CSV file when you upload it. We highly recommend uploading all four CSVs at once when you initially upload data into Chalk to ease the teacher experience. Click here for information on how to save your file as a CSV.

The Student CSV will create each of your students and add them to your school year. There are also additional fields you can include for students. The most notable are the Email and Guardian Email fields which are required in order to take advantage of the Student and Guardian access features in Chalk. Once these emails are added you will want to follow the instructions for inviting students and/or guardians to Chalk. Learn more about inviting students and/or guardians here.

In the Student CSV file there are nine different fields:

  • Three of these fields are Required Fields which must be included in the Student CSV
  • Six of these fields are Optional Fields which you don't have to include

Required Fields:

  • StudentID: A unique number or code to identify each individual student
  • FirstName: The student’s first name.
  • LastName: The student’s surname.

Optional Fields:

If you don't want to use an optional field please make sure not to include the column header at all

  • GradeLevel: This helps when generating Progress Reports for a school. Setting the Grade Level lets you generate a PDF for each Grade Level making it easier to physically distribute these reports. Learn more about progress reports here.
  • Email: The student’s school email address.  NOTE: This is required to set-up Chalk accounts for students.
  • GuardianEmail: Email address for each guardian to access their child's grades from their guardian accounts. There is no limit on the number of guardian accounts that can be connected. Simply add more columns with the 'GuardianEmail' header to include additional accounts connected to that student (Example: GuardianEmail1, GuardianEmail2, etc).  NOTE: This is required to set-up Chalk accounts for guardians.
  • isArchived: Set this to TRUE if you need to archive a student from the entire school. Leaving this blank or setting it to FALSE will not have any impact on that student. Archiving a student will hide their information from all student, guardian and teacher accounts. This applies to all classes the student is currently enrolled in. Archiving can be undone from the Admin panel. Learn more about Archiving here.
  • isDeleted: Set this to TRUE if you would like to delete a student from an entire school. Leaving this blank or setting it to FALSE will not have any impact on that student account. Deleting completely removes this student from all student, guardian and teacher accounts. Once a student is deleted this cannot be undone

We highly recommend using isArchived and not isDeleted for most circumstances to ensure you can recover information for a student if you ever need it in the future. 

Your Student CSV file should look similar to the image below:

Click here to download a Sample Student CSV.

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