Why are my grades not calculating correctly?

Sometimes you will enter a grade for a student and see a change to their average you didn't expect. Or you might filter a category and see a different result than what you calculated by hand.

In most cases, the calculated grades within the Gradebook are accurate. Our Gradebook follows a specific and well-tested set of procedures for calculating grades, but may differ from what you are used to. To review how grades are calculated within the Gradebook, click here.

Here are some common scenarios that may come up:

Why is my student’s grade for a unit higher/lower than expected?

The likely explanation is that the weighting of one or more assignments in this unit have been changed, which makes them more significant in calculating a student's grade. Make sure the weighting is correct for all assessments within the unit, or check if there are any extra-credit assessments.

If all your assessments are weighted equally but some have a higher impact on the grade than others, it is likely due to the number of assessments within that category. Although your assessments have the same weighting, a student's overall grade is the weighted average of the individual category averages and not an average of all assessments.

For example, you might have a unit that has five assessments in the Assignment category but only one assessment in the Quiz category. As a result, that quiz makes up 100% of the Quiz grade for this unit and will be weighted much higher than the other assessments. If the categories are equally weighted and you have no assessments in other categories, that one quiz will make up 50% of the entire unit while the average of the other five assignments will make up the other 50%.

Why did my student's average go up when I entered a grade for an assessment that was lower than the average?

Entering a grade that is lower than the student's average won't necessarily make the average decrease. Since the overall average is calculated using the average of each category, your student's grade will go up if they perform better than other assessments within that category.

For example, you may have a student with an average of 75%, but entering a quiz mark of 6/10 makes the average go up even though it is a lower percentage grade. This may seem strange, but if the new quiz mark is higher than previous quiz marks (such as if the student received 4/10 on a previous quiz), it will raise the average for the Quiz category and therefore raise the overall average.

If you enter a lower grade that raises the overall average, check to see if it is a higher grade than other assessments within that category.

Why are some assessments missing from my class report?

If there is information missing from a generated class report, you may be applying filters within the class report. On the "Generate Report" page, check the "Filters" to see if a particular unit or category is selected, or if the "Time Frame" has been changed.

Generating a class report will display marks from All Units and All Categories within the date range of your semester by default. If you have assessments with due dates outside of the semester date range, they won't be included on the class report. If your school has different grading periods throughout the year, make sure your assessment due dates fall within the correct date range.

Why is the Gradebook not including some of my online assessments?

This is part of our Assessment Solution. You will not have this option if you are a free user.

If you have Chalk's Assessment Solution and have online assessments in your class, the overall average will not include any online assessments that have not been returned to students. If you use a filter when viewing your assessments, the filtered grade will include all online assessments. This is useful for if you want to know how an online assessment will impact your students' averages before you return the marks to them.

If your grades are displaying incorrectly and the above explanations don't apply, please reach out to us at support@chalk.com or use our Live Chat feature.