How do I use Resources?

Resources is a section within your account where you can save or share lessons or lesson groups to use at a later date.

If your school or team has a paid subscription with Chalk, you'll also be able to share and import lessons and lesson groups from your peers. This article will help you navigate and use Resources to its full extent! 

Navigating to Resources

Click the Resources button in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Searching for Lessons

On the Resources page, you’ll be able to sort through shared resources by "Everything" to see all content, "Shared with me" to see lessons shared directly to you, or search by selecting the Groups that you belong to.

Note: Schools with a paid subscription have the ability to create multiple sharing groups within their school or district.

Selecting any of these will modify the selection of lesson plans or lesson groups that show up in the menu. You can also search via the search bar at the top by title of lesson or tags attached to the lessons. 

Lesson Information

When you select a lesson plan or lesson group more information will appear about the lesson on the left-hand side of the screen. This will tell you the title, who the lesson has been shared with, the tags and also allow you to preview the lesson.

Helpful Tip: For easy organizing within Resources, add tags to your lessons. You and your colleagues will be able to search by tags to effectively sort your lessons. You can edit the tags when sharing your lessons, or when editing your shared lessons in Resources as shown below.

Click here to learn how to save multiple lessons to your Resources section.

Click here to learn how to import lessons from Resources into your planner.

Resources are not yet available on mobile.

Resources are not yet available on mobile.