How do I import questions into a Question Bank or Online Assessment that I created?

This is part of our Assessment Solution. You will not have this option if you are a free user.

Whether you are in an Online Assessment or a Question Bank, you can import questions into each of these by following the same steps below.

Step 1:

In your Question Bank or Online Assessment, click the Import button.

Step 2:

You can import questions from 2 places:

  • Select the Markboard option if you are importing questions from your own collection of assessments and question banks.

  • Select the Resources option if you are importing questions from question banks or assessments that have been shared with you in Resources.

Step 3:

Select a question bank or an assessment to preview the questions.

Step 4:

Select the questions you want to import, and then click the Import button. This will not overwrite any current questions you may have added in the Question Bank or Assessment, but will simply add to it.

Note: By importing these questions, you are making a copy of these questions - you are not editing the original questions in the assessment or question bank from which you are importing.

Assessment is not available on mobile.

Assessment is not available on mobile.