How do I manage the curriculum public site for my institution?

This is part of our Curriculum Solution. You will not have this option if you are a free user.

To manage the public curriculum site for your institution, begin by opening the Admin menu at the top of the page and clicking Manage Public Site.

Note: Only users with the Public Site Manager role are able to adjust public site settings.

Edit Global Settings for Maps and Templates

Step 1:

Click the gear icon above the welcome message to edit the global settings for your public curriculum site.

In the window that appears, you can click the toggle switch to turn the entire public curriculum site on and off.

Step 2:

You can click the checkboxes to enable or disable other general settings in this window.

If you enable "Automatically add published maps to public site", this will ensure that the most recent version of a public map is accessible from the public site whenever changes are published in Curriculum. This setting only applies to maps that have already been made public, and does not apply to newly-created curriculum maps.

You can also choose to make attachments visible to visitors of the public curriculum site, and can include the Standards and Pacing tabs for maps.

Step 3:

Click the Unit Templates tab in order to manage view settings for specific templates used in your school. You can click the drop-down menu to view each template and click on the checkboxes to determine which field types will be accessible by visitors to your public site.

Step 4:

Click Save to apply your chosen settings to the public curriculum site.

Edit Settings for Individual Maps

Step 1:

Click the checkboxes next to a map title to enable access to that map on the public curriculum site. You can click the checkbox next to Public at the top of the list to make all maps available.

Any map that is not toggled "Public" will not appear on the public curriculum site.

Step 2:

Clicking on the title of a map from the list will display a details panel on the right-hand side, similar to what you would see from Curriculum.

You can click the checkboxes beside each unit name to toggle which units are displayed on the public curriculum site.

You can also choose which published version of a map is displayed on the public curriculum site by clicking the Version History tab, then clicking the Select button next to the desired map version.

Step 3:

Click the View button in the details panel to visit the map as it appears on your public curriculum site.