How do I navigate my school’s public curriculum site?

Step 1:

When you visit your school's public curriculum site, you will see a list of the available published maps along with the date of their publication.

You can use the search bar at the top of the page to narrow the selection of curriculum maps based on searched keywords in the map titles or content.

Step 2:

Clicking on a curriculum map from the list will display a details panel on the right-hand side that shows its published units and assigned curriculum standards.

Click View to open the curriculum map contents.

Step 3:

When viewing a curriculum map, you can click on the unit names on the left-hand side to navigate between each unit's content.

Within each unit, you can collapse or expand each field type by clicking the arrows in the top-right corner of each field.

You can also use the keyword search above the unit list to highlight relevant content in the curriculum map.

Step 4:

If your school has made them available for public access, you can click the Standards or Pacing tabs near the top of the page to view additional information about this curriculum map.

The Standards tab will display how many times and in which units each curriculum standard or benchmark is targeted for this curriculum map.

The Pacing tab will display an estimate of the length of each unit taught for this subject, as determined by your school's curriculum writers.