How do I publish a curriculum map template?

This is part of our Curriculum Solution. You will not have this option if you are a free user.

In order to use your curriculum map template for your institution’s curriculum maps, you will first need to publish the template.

Note: Publishing a curriculum map template will not update existing curriculum maps. Contact if you want to update existing curriculum maps with the updated template you published.

Note: This is a feature only available to users the designated permissions as assigned by the Admin of your institution. If you do not have this permission you will not be able to view or edit curriculum map templates.

Step 1:

Select the curriculum map template you want to publish.

Step 2:

Click the Publish button on the top-right.

Step 3:

In the warning pop-up that appears, click the Publish Template button.

Once published, this template will be used to create NEW curriculum mapsClick here for more information on creating new curriculum maps.

Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available on mobile.

Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available on mobile.