How do I collaborate on curriculum maps?

This is part of our Curriculum Solution. You will not have this option if you are a free user.

Curriculum supports real-time collaboration, which will allow you and your colleagues to see changes to the curriculum maps they’re working on as they occur.

While working in the same field as your colleagues, you will be able to see their contributions to the curriculum map in real-time, and identify where they are doing the bulk of their work. The names of the other teachers working in the same field will display over their edits, as shown in the image below:

Each editable field can contain up to 10 same-session collaborators, and the profile icons of the curriculum creators working within each field are displayed above the editor menu as shown here:

Note: In order to reduce visual clutter, updates for text fields that you are not currently working in will be shown when changes are saved rather than in real-time. Changes made to the overall curriculum map settings, such as the title or which standards are attached, will also not be shown in real-time and will require a browser refresh to appear.