What is the difference between removing an account and deactivating an account?

This is part of our Chalk Solutions. You will not have this option if you are a free user.

When a teacher or staff member no longer works in the Institution, admin have two options: removing or deactivating an account. This article will review the difference between the two.

Removing an account from your Institution

Removing a user account from an Institution will shift the user permissions to a free Chalk account. The teacher will still be able to access their lesson plans and any data entered from Planboard, Markboard or Attendance, but the Institution will not have access, and the account will no longer count towards billing. 

There are a few things to be aware of when removing an account from your Institution:

  • The user will be removed from all Schools and Groups they were added too.
  • Any resources that have been shared will be deleted from the Institution.
  • Any student grades they have entered will be deleted from the Institution.
  • Any attachments that the account has added to curriculum maps will be removed. 

Deactivating an account in your Institution

Deactivating an account will save the data entered by the teacher, but will no longer allow the user to log into or use their account. This means your Institution will not be invoiced for the deactivated account, but no data will be lost. 

The key things to remember when deactivating an account in your Institution are:

  • The user will be immediately locked out of their Chalk account.
  • Any data the user has shared or inputed will still be accessible by the Institution Admin.