How do I reuse a past semester's subjects and timetable?

Sometimes when you start a new school semester, your timetable looks similar (or maybe even the same!) as past semesters you've taught. Planboard allows you to re-create an existing semester's timetable and subjects so once you've setup once you never have to start from scratch!

Here's how to Reuse the timetable of a previous semester!

Step 1: 

Click the gear icon in the top-right corner of the window, then click Semesters.

This will bring you to the Semester Settings, where you can see the list of your previous semesters, as well as the option to Add Semester +.

Step 2: 

Select Add Semester +. The popup options to "Create a New Semester" or "Reuse a Previous Semester" will appear. Select "Reuse a Previous Semester". 

Step 3:

Fill out the form with the appropriate data, including the name of your new semester and the start and end dates. At the bottom, there will be a drop down menu for you to select the previous semester with the timetable you would like to copy.

Note: Keep in mind, this will not copy the standards, lesson plans or units. Only the time table! If you want to reuse past lesson planning content as well, here are further steps to do so using our Copy Section feature!

This feature does not currently exist in the iOS Planboard application.

This feature does not currently exist in the Android Planboard application.