How do I set off-days for a specific School or Group?

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Off-Days block out a day in Chalk's Planboard lesson planner so lessons can't be created that day. These are to reflect days such as PD-Days, Holidays, unexpected days off due to weather, etc. This article will tell you how to set off-days for users that belong to a specific school or group so that the off-day will not affect every user in the institution.

Note: As an individual teacher it is possible to create these for their own Planboard account. To see how Teachers can edit their own off-days, click here

Step 1: 

Select either Schools or Groups within the Admin side menu.

Step 2:

Select the School or Group that you would like to add an off-day or holiday too.

Step 3:

Select the Off-Days tab across the top of the page, underneath the title of the School or Group.

Step 4:

From here you have two different options to create Off-Days:

  • Add Holidays
  • Add Off-Day

Both of these options are found in the top right corner. 

Option 1: Add Holidays

This option lets you select from pre-existing national holidays by Country for a specific date range:

Option 2: Add Off-Day

This option lets you create an Off-Day with a custom reason (for example, Professional Development), start date and end date. Select the same date as the start and end date if it only one day that needs to be blocked.

Step 5:

Select Add and you're done!

Click here for more information on how to edit and remove off-days.

Admin is not yet available on mobile.

Admin is not yet available on mobile.