How do I remove a saved or shared lesson from Resources?

Sometimes you no longer need to share a resource, or you've made personal changes to a lesson that your colleagues don't need access to. Here are the simple steps to removing a lesson you've shared.

Note: You may only share if your school or team has a paid subscription with Chalk. Otherwise Resources is simply a database for your saved lessons. 

Step 1:

Find your lesson within Resources.

Step 2: 

Select Share in the Lesson Information on the side. 

Step 3: 

In the bottom right corner of the pop up, you'll see the Unshare button. Click this.

Step 4: 

Make sure to read the warning in full. If you do wish to prevent the lesson from being accessible to other teachers in the future, proceed and you're done! 

Resources is not yet available on mobile.

Resources is not yet available on mobile.