What are Schools and Groups and why should I use them?

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What are Schools and Groups?

Within Admin, there is a feature that allows you to create two types of smaller sub-groups within your institution. These sub-groups are called Schools and Groups. Having a School or Group allows you to set up roles and content specific to a group of people within your institution. This includes being able to create lesson plan templates, off-days and curriculum maps for one School/Group that are different from another School/Group, as well as set admin roles for a specific group of individuals.

Schools and Groups work very similarly and offer many of the same features. Here are some key features to take note of that apply to both Schools and Groups:

  • There is no limit to the number of Schools and/or Groups an individual account can be in
  • An individual account can have roles set for a specific School/Group (e.g. A teacher who works in two Schools may have admin rights and be able to view accounts, provide feedback on lesson plans or view insights in one School while having normal teacher-level permissions for the other School)
  • Schools/Groups can have their own lesson templates, off-days and curriculum maps that are only made available to accounts within them
  • Insights and lesson feedback features can be looked at through the lens of a specific School/Group, making it easier to focus on a specific sub-set of accounts within the institution

The key difference between Schools and Groups, is that Schools are created to represent the physical buildings within an institution (i.e. If you have multiple schools in your district, they’ll each have a School sub-group). A Group can be created to be within a specific school (i.e. School-wide Group for all of the Grade 3 French teachers within the same School) or span across the whole institution (i.e. Institution-wide Group for all of the Grade 3 French teachers within the district/institution).

Why create a School Instead of a Group?

An Admin is able to create their own groups within their school and have more independence.

This makes it much easier for a school administrator to manage their own staff, set their own off-days, as well as empower individuals within their school (e.g. Math Department lead) to take more ownership over their teams.

Why create an institution-wide Group instead of a Group within a School?

Institution Groups allow for teachers across different schools to more easily collaborate.

Consider a district with 2 (or more) elementary schools. Each School can have a Group within their School for their Grade 2 teachers to share week-to-week quickly and effectively. They can also set-up an institution-wide Grade 2 Group so that resources can be shared to the whole district. This makes it much easier for teachers to collaborate and have district or institution-wide cohesiveness.

Note: Make sure to continue with "How do I create Schools and Groups?" and "How do I add users to Schools and Groups?" to take full advantage of these features.