What is an Online Assessment and how is it different from other assessments?

There are generally 2 ways in which student grades can be entered into the Gradebook:

  • Online Assessment
  • Gradebook Entry

Online Assessment

An Online Assessment is an assessment that is created in the Gradebook for students to take online in their Chalk student account. Assessments are graded and returned back to students, either automatically or manually depending the assessment settings. Grades are then recorded in the Gradebook.

Gradebook Entry

An Gradebook Entry covers all other assessments for which a grade is entered manually into the Gradebook by a teacher. This entry can be in one of the following styles: score, binary, rubric and observation. A Gradebook Entry cannot be taken by a student online, as this is strictly a way for teachers to enter grades into the Gradebook manually. This way a teacher can enter scores of an assessment that was taken offline.